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Sutton Clocks

282 East 82nd St (Between 2nd & 3rd Avenue), New York, NY 10065

Sutton Clock Shop has been serving New Yorkers for well over 60 years and the store, with it’s unique pocket watch hanging high above Lexington Ave at 61st Street, has been a visual landmark on the Upper East Side for many, many years.

Sutton Clock Repairing

Sutton Clock Shop specializes in the repair of all types of clocks.

Sutton Clocks will give you a free estimate when you bring the Clock or Barometer to us.

We can also arrange a house call to look at your clock if you are unable to bring your clock to us. We also have a wide group of associates that make it possible for us to obtain rare or obsolete parts for mechanical clocks and electric clocks.

If we are unable to find the clock part, Sutton Clocks is able to manufacture or reproduce the clock part. A usual turn around time on most repairs tends to be around two (2) weeks.

This time can vary. Sometimes the Clock can be repaired sooner or in rare cases for harder to find clock parts it is possible for the repair to take up to several months. Sadly at this time we can no longer accept Anniversary Clocks (also know as 400 day clocks) or Cuckoo Clocks for repair.

Sutton Clock Shop repairs all types of Barometers. Aneroid Barometers as well as Mercurial Barometers.

Including replacing tubes of all types by our hand blowing tube specialist. Mercury vacuumed and refilled. Barometer Pediments, Barometer Thermometers, Barometers Looking Glass, Barometer Bezels, Barometer Hands, Barometer Glass beveled, convex with or without center hole for setter, replaced and/restored.

Case work can also be done by our wood maker artisans.

*House Calls

If you are unable to bring the clock to Sutton Clock Shop, we can make house calls. Sometimes we will be able to fix the clock or barometer on-site, while other times it may be necessary to take the movement back to our workshop for repair.

CALL 212-758-2260

Click info [at] suttonclocks [dot] com (subject: Clock%20Question%20from%20Thump%20Local%20User) (HERE) to Email Us

Business Hours

Tuesday-Friday: 11:00AM – 4:00PM

Saturday: By Appointment Only

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