Message from Our CEO

What would you do if you had an extra $500, $5,000 or even $10,000 for your business each month?

We hate to admit it but we were a victim – a victim of being charged astronomical rates for our credit card processing. We shopped around and thought we had a good deal like most businesses but then my longtime friend Angelo Mendola came to me and proved otherwise.

Angelo is the Chief Operating Officer of Priority Payments Local – a financial technology and payment processing company that’s based out of Red Bank, New Jersey. Angelo explained to me that he sees it all the time – businesses think they have a good deal on their processing but the truth is, many processors have confusing terms and conditions with hidden fees and as a result merchants are overpaying.

Along with great rates, Priority offers: 24/7 US based customer service and flexible, secure, and fast payment technology.

Now thanks to Angelo and his team, we’re able to do more for our customers and staff.

Pictured, myself with our leadership team and Angelo the day we partnered with Priority.

Because we feel strongly about the service Priority provides, we’ve partnered up with them to bring our customers special discounts on the already low rates Priority offers along with that same great technology Priority’s 200,000+ merchants rely on. Thump Payments are here to help you put more money back in your business bank account.

Depending on the credit card volume your businesses processes, Priority could save you thousands of dollars each month.

Stop over spending! To contact Angelo’s team, fill out this form for a complimentary rate analysis. As part of the analysis, the team will have a look at what you are paying with your current processor and will show you what you could be saving with them – you’ll get a side by side comparison.


Derrick Bliss, CEO Thump Local, LLC