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Our Services

  •     Closets & Dressing Room Design & Construction
  •     Radiator Cover Styling
  •     Pantry Design & Construction
  •     Craft Room Design & Construction
  •     Garage Wall Development
  •     Home Office Shelving Design & Construction
  •     Custom Wall Unit Creation
  •     Wall Bed Design & Construction
  •     Library Shelving Design & Construction

Century Closets is a NYC custom closet company specializing in developing custom closet solutions. As a certified New York City closet contractor we are able to service the entire tri-state area, leaving you with confidence that you know you are working with a reputable contractor able to get the job done.

Our pricing is fair and our projects range from small closet redos for studio apartments to full-scale closet installs for large homes.

Our NYC closet contractor staff is sure to impress you each step of the way. From the initial phone call to the cleanup and pack up process, Century Closets is dedicated to total satisfaction and only the highest standards in custom closet quality.

Century Closets offers licensed contractor services to the entire tri-state area.

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